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  1. Truck driver was a douche. Guy talking was a fag. And the 911 operator was a bitch. What a miserable group of people. I’ll just about guarantee this happened in the south.

    1. Judging by the location given in the video and the news coverage, this happened in Canada.

    2. Nick Pants, is a miserable little prick. The guy talking was running adreneline and was worried for the safety of the family you little punk. The Driver was a complete douche yes, the operator was doing her job – she cant send any emergency vehicles till she got the location and she needed the license plate. Grow the fuck up and until then STFU.

    3. i will agree with fremont. youre an idiot. you should think before you speak, and listen before you spread an ignorant opinion. no one is impressed little buddy

    4. Nice pants, have you been a cock sucking faggot your whole live or is this something new. I’d love to see your reaction to some asshole slamming into you and then hitting another car full of people. You’re a miserable little fuck who should kill themselves and do the world a favor…..I’ll even buy the bleach.

    1. It was a guy driving the vehicle that slammed into the family vehicle… you were watching the same video I was right?

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