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  1. the blonde chick – should have a paper-bag over her head when filming ….

    as for the challenge : everyone knows the only thing a women can do is take COCK

  2. There is a reason why the chilli eating competitions are usually secured at least by a medic.
    And there is a reason why the internet laughs at stupid exhibitionists like these two.

  3. They didn’t fear the Reaper… well look where it got them!
    On a more serious note: Looks like the brunette (was it “Sabrina” or “Serena”?) suffered from some serious circulatory problems there. She was lucky it didn’t fuck with her circulation even more.

  4. WHY THE FUCK WAS THIS DUMB CAVEWOMAN OPPRESSING AN INNOCENT MAN REMOVED ??????????? annaliese nielsen annaliese nielsen annaliese nielsenannaliese nielsenannaliese nielsenannaliese nielsenannaliese nielsenannaliese nielsen annaliese nielsenannaliese nielsenannaliese nielsen

    1. Hawaii is a teeny tiny group of islands, not a continent. England, which is nearly 5x larger than Hawaii, and about 1000 square miles than all of the Hawaiian islands combined is still not considered to be a continent. Hawaii is not a continent.

  5. Someone should have told these two whores that semen is the best way to put that burning sensation out. Just ask fake get a rope. He knows best.

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