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  1. Just another fucking idiot doing shit they are ill-equipped to do. This will be expensive to fix and he better not hope that his insurance company doesn’t see this vid.

  2. First fail is trying to drift in an american made car. If you want to race here do what my dad and i do buy an american muscle car and drag race its fun, fast and easy to win a lot of money. Also Idiots stop watching the worst fast and furious movie and trying to do this shit or at least do it on a road with steep cliffs. Less likely to get made fun of if you die while being a complete retard. It’s just like the morons who watch S.o.A and trying to start an M.C.

    1. Except…it’s based on the UK/European Ford Focus, not that bullshit granny carrier your guys have made for the last 20 years. It actually works, unlike USA made cars.

    2. The Focus is an overpriced 4 cylinder eurotrash turd, like 90% of the cars you fags drive over there.

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