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    1. @ Diarrhea Mouth, STOP Looking At Him.!!!! You Are DRIPPING DIARRHEA From your Mouth, Thinking Of His Dick.!!!!!!

  1. Dude looks totally tranny, chick looks like a blow-up doll. And I’m glad there’s an open casket in the background, because they also look like post-mortem photography.

  2. wtf, Is it a creepy attraction thing or what? It cant be sexual, if they are true they both would have nothing but smooth plastic. If they don’t then kill them for their lies and being fakes, plus we cant let them reproduce, we have enough dumbasses in the U.S.

  3. My guess is they definitely smoothed over their shit, or at least ken did. This guy is probably gay and knows if he tells his whole family, he prob have a family. So he found a chick knowing there is.

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