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  1. Who gives a fuck about Twitter douche? First off, nobody cares if you can fight or not, it doesn’t give you a bigger dick or make you better than anyone else. Second, I’ve actually trained with pros when I trained at Miletich in Bettendorf (I’m originally from Davenport, born and raised) and the true pros, and non-amateur fags, talk and put on an act to sell their fights, but are pretty chill outside of that setting (except for Tim Silvia, he was an arrogant cock sucker). Stop being a douche, because no one cares. The ones who flaunt around like that, are the ones with self esteem issues and do it to convince themselves they’re cool.

  2. That was exactly part of my point, you helped to validate it, but I’m pretty sure by your obvious awareness and comprehension of what I said, you knew that. I bring up my training up only and simply because I know how pro’s actually are. Everyone, including myself, could care less about my or anyone else’s training. I don’t need to act like a badass for an ego boost or to cover up some sort of insecurity, what’s the point? All it does is make that person look like a giant douche if they have to act that way, and if it’s not an act then it boils down to mental issues.

    1. So you’ve personally met all the pro fighters then? You think they all hang out in some shit hole in Iowa? Might want to read up on Muhammad Ali if you think all the pros are humble.

    1. “stop showing all Hirudinea”

      Huh, what? What the fuck does that even mean, 2lolo your getting psychotic again, better up your thorazine!

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