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    1. False, Miracle Mattress of San Antonio, Texas is still open. This commercial aired just a few days ago.

    1. No, its not ok to disrespect the National Anthem.

      And yes, we live in a pretty fucked up world where there is no respect for anything.

  1. I should specify what is meant, they -will- be closing, however are still open in the meantime. They are donating proceeds to a 9/11 charity fund according to Mike Bonnano (owner)… Serves them right, fucking retarded commercial

  2. the lengths mattress (or any stores) will go for a sale. President’s Day, a day to honor Washington and Lincoln, hey let’s make it a day to have mattresses on sale.
    I’m proud to be an American, until I see this ignorant shit for self serving consumerism, then I’m less proud.
    What’s next, shuttle Challenger fireworks, Katrina swimming pools, KKK white bed sheets?

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