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    1. Murphy and Lucifer way too damn many times work together just to inflict pain. Thus the hot shell casing finding its way into a vest seemingly to defy physics. Murphy and his laws, Satan and his evil…what a combination

  1. Tried to pull off the “Hot” girl shooting a gun routine and failed.
    1. Not even hot
    2. Pistol grip was horrible
    3. Trigger pull was horrendous
    4. Anticipating recoil

  2. Funny I didnt know all the unemployed commenters here worked as a model and have victoria secret looking girlfriends. Look in a mirror aholes, i doubt ull ever find a chick half as pretty as this. Stop dreaming and actually get a job?

  3. What makes her white trash cuz she can shoot a gun? Y’all r lame. It’s called being self sufficient /home safety/hunting Narrow minded pl oh she can shoot a gun she must b white trash

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