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  1. If I was that trucker I’d be mad as hell and kick some asses starting with that jackass on shore for continuing to record and not opening his damn mouth. Then I would throw the capt. of that barge into the cold drink after blacking his eyes and busting his nose for pulling away while loading.

    1. The captain didn’t pull away, the driver stopped half-on-half-off, and the braking action of the rear wheels pushed the boat away from shore. If he’d been able to back straight on without stopping everything would have gone fine. The truck driver ‘might’ have been able to escape the situation if he’d floored it forward immediately once the boat started to move, but braking just caused his very stable rear wheels to drag his on-a-dirt-hill front wheels off the edge as the trucks momentum pushed the boat out. Bet the captain was the more experienced of the two.

  2. Wrong. The Captain was at fault here. The ship should have been securely moored to the shore and he should have been gunning the engines forward the entire time. This is standard practice.

    1. It should have been moored. Absolutely. The boat is a barge and has no motor of its own. There’s a little tug next to it (tied to the side?) which is probably completely underpowered to deal with that sort of opposing force. Judging from the disturbed water trailing off to the right, the boat was throttling forward the whole time.

  3. I think everyone is confused here in the comments. What happened went exactly as planned! The pipes were supposed to be installed under water just where they went down. After this, the divers went in and welded them, then they pulled the truck back out (it’s waterproof) with the crane they had nearby.

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