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  1. sometimes in public restrooms, I whip it out and just pee on everything, toilet lid, sink, mirror, floor, door handle,,,everything. then I poop like normal in the toilet, wash my hands, and walk out just smiling like nothing happened.

    other times I just poop on the floor or in the sink.. I will then crack open the door to make sure no one is looking, sneek out and go back to my table, and wait for the horror of the next person to go into the women’s bathroom. Then I go next door and finish shiting on someones’s windshield

    1. sometimes, at the KFC I work at, I beat off and skeet into the fryer, sometimes even into the sauce……
      then I just smile when some cunt buys a bucket for her family…..
      I have no regrets doing this
      I do this atleast 3 times a day…
      I live in Florida….so watch out

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