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  1. She probably got a dick rammed so hard in her eye socket that it opened a portal to another dimension in the fucking galaxy.

    1. Have you ever said anything funny? Has anyone ever laughed at a single word you’ve ever spoken? You’re about as funny as Leukemia.

    2. @rachel….. I got your back….pwned and a few others on this site have wrecked the comments section

    3. Lmao @Rachel I respect your opinion but the day I give the slightest fuck about your opinion is the day I win the lotto. As for The Real 2lolo your very existence has wrecked a portion of the globe called humanity. Now go suck on a blow torch.

    4. @ Rachel
      Don’t Mind All Of Them… All of Them Don’t Respect Anyone…. All of Them Has DIARRHEA Of Their Mouth.!!!

    5. Well, PWNED… you clearly cared enough to reply. So yeah… there’s that. I’ll ask you again… have you ever said a single funny word? Because every single one of your comments are more stupid than the one before it.

    6. See what I mean? Stupid comment after stupid comment. You’re trying too hard to be funny. You’re the Carlos Mencia of this site. Have you ever considered that maybe being funny, intelligent, or witty probably aren’t your strong points?

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