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    1. i hope so… never understand what makes those idiots upload videos making them look that retarded…

    1. Well not useless haha, if your planning on making it worse, water just spreads it around more, plus as the last guy said, he smoked it, its in his mouth, lungs and nose lol, hes fucked. Genius my ass.

    1. Try as you may 2lolo, you can never be as pathetic or twisted in a sickly gay way as the real Hirudinea.

  1. Reminds me of a Cleveland radio show that had a Dare Dieter segment where this douchebag sidekick named Dieter would “take any dare”. Someone dared him to do a habanero pepper enema. He put a couple peppers in a blender, and stuck them in an enema up his ass. Sounded funny as fuck, “Oh, my ass is burning! It’s burning!”

    1. That’s funny, I was just going to say that’s how 2Homo reacts when he swallows a big, n!gger load.

  2. What a pussy Mexicans breath that shit everyday when mom’s make salsa, they burn the peppers hahahahaha. Jk what and idiot hahahahaha super funny…

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