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    1. 2lolo take your hands off the keyboard and put them back on some n!gger dicks where they belong.

  1. It’s not even do much the fact that all Mustang drivers are douches… It’s that they are the cheapest respectable sports Car you can buy. What that means is that when all you drifting, ricer faggots actually get a job you realize that your 120HP front wheel drive civic ain’t shit. So you get a loan that you can’t afford, go buy a mustang, and shortly after go out and wreck it cause you don’t know how to drive for shit

  2. I’m not sure which is worse, the Mustang owner’s driving skills, or his fashions sense. Peach shorts, flip flops and a blue long sleeved oxford shirt?
    And were the cops there for the accident or fashion police?

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