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  1. That guy seriously needs his ass kicked, big time. If you want to walk around the streets of LA or NY making a fucking fool of yourself thats fine. More power to you. But there is a time and place for everything… And an airport isn’t it

  2. I am assuming that dress is from the Donald Trump collection.
    You know, because Trump is super-gay for Putin.
    Gayer than the douche-bag in the second photo.

    1. @JD: At first I paid no attention to your idiocy, because no one who writes and thinks like you could possibly be of voting age and then I realized you’re a Hitlery supporter, which means despite the overwhelming gibberish and how incredibly void your knowledge of real world events and facts about subjects like Putin is, you could easily be in your 40s and still be that stupid. If you literally took everything you (think) you know and flipped it 180 degrees, you would instantly become informed. Truly is amazing how people in ‘Murica can be brainwashed to the point of being mentally retarded by compulsion and still be allowed to vote instead of receiving round-the-clock mental help. Idiots like you are the same types of people who legitimately elected Hitler in 1933. Truly a marvel example of modern day devolution. There need to be new words invented to describe the dark, seemingly endless abyss of your intellectual bottom.

    2. Let me go ahead and put that into laymans terms for you jd.
      He basically said you’re a retarded fucking ass clown.

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