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  1. Hella cute! The tags are oh so wrong, once again. “Japan” – Really guys. What can be seen here are Vietnamese characters (the Latin characters with the weird diacritics) and Chinese characters (the rest).
    Now, the video site’s name seems to be 小影 – probably a Chinese site…

    Well, anyway: Literally nothing Japanese about this video.

    1. PS: Oh yeah, I just needed to google this shit. 小影 (xiaoying) is indeed a Chinese video app and website.

    2. It’s a blurry video with Asians, close enough…I wouldn’t be upset if a Chinese man thought a crappy Canadian video was American.

    3. The thing is: There is not one but TWO clear indicators that this is not in fact a Japanese video.
      Now, granted, finding out that this was from a Chinese site actually took a whopping two minutes of research. Finding out that it’s not Japanese took a fraction of a second though.
      You know, if someone in a video did shit while wearing a Mountie uniform and someone captioned the video as “Redneck Cowboy Doing Shit”, he would probably be called out for his ignorance as well.

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