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  1. Actually, that is generally an accepted/common punishment for being dirty. As in, people want to vomit when they enter your room.

  2. I was in the army back in the 90’s.. who the hell took the picture ..
    I apparently these days basic trainees are allowed
    Phones and cameras.. oh and this idiot didn’t learn after the blanket party ..

  3. It’s not the army and that doesn’t look like an army barracks, well from what i can see anyway. Im guessing someone got pissed off at this dude, he prob was drinking so much he threw up and passed out . There is no way a solider wouldn’t wake up during them moving the bed. Only a drunk past out could sleep thru that.

  4. That is not trainee barracks, that is standard “single soldier” barracks on most Army posts. And its not done while the soldier is asleep. That is his “first line” supervisor making him do it.

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