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  1. I’ surprised this little faggot didn’t delete this video. WTF was he doing recording himself singing and driving for anyway? And the best part was when he screamed like the little pansy bitch that he is, before the car rolled over.

  2. Sorry, wrong video and comment.
    I was going to say when I was in college I worked in a drive through carry out (tunnel) in a bad section of town. This bum used to come in several times a night for a pint of Thunderbird (what’s the word?), and he was always on this ratty ass 10 speed. Fourth time he came in, on my shift he couldn’t get back on the bike. Every time he tried to lift his leg over he’d lose his balance. I even tried to hold his bike for him and he still fell over. Looked at me, laughed, and said “Well, I guess that means I’m done for the night!”. Pushed the bike, weaving, out and didn’t see him anymore that night.

  3. @ epic fail…..can you please stop placing freaking ads on the clip? It’s getting annoying trying to watch the clip, with an ad on it! Half the time, when I click to close the damn ad, it leads me to their site! Please move the ad somewhere else. 😡

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