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    1. whats is there to talk about ?

      did you like going down on another vagina

      did you motor-boat them puppies

      you need at least a ounce of respect for yourself … Scorch the earth for what you believe in this case to have your lesbian lover stay at home doing the ironing not out fisting some other “chicks ” twat

      compromise and forgiveness is for pussies and Christians

  1. Ah yes, “modern relationships”. Similarly, reinventing the wheel as a square or the square peg in round hole conundrum. Let’s just all call truths, identify as attack helicopters, and agree that dogs and cats shouldn’t mate unless they’re human degenerate versions thereof. Fuck I’m glad to see western society come apart at the seams! About damn time.

    1. If you would have watched the video, you would know they are all women, dipshit. And I’m guessing you’re about 14 from that idiotic logic.

  2. for all 3 of them (I believe the one confronting her is a girl also, either that or a very high pitched guy).
    And the 2 I saw looked like waists of women!

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