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  1. I actually kind of feel bad for the guy. Yeah it’s funny at first when the stick breaks and he falls over…. But than and he comes back to life and struggles to get his bearings and get up I kind of feel bad for him. Sure wearing that hat makes him a grade A douche, but other than wearing a gay ass hat he wasn’t really doing anything stupid.

    1. Actually it’s crazy that his friends kept laughing after he passed out, and even more when he had nervous convulsions while unconscious. He needed to be hospitalized: those are pieces of shit, not friends.

    2. Yeh this makes me feel bad for the guy, funny only if his fuckhead friends helped him out instead of just filming him. those type of people deserve what they get.

  2. Obviously struck his temple. He’s likely suffered head, neck and, or, brain damage. Of course, all of his ASSHOLES were as uninjured as they were unconcerned. Sure wish we could know more about this event.

  3. How could this happen? It looks a little staged… Why would his both knees slide to the right when the stick breaks? Looks weird to me…

    1. Well, he is holding the stick together right at the split as he walks to the table, so its a pretty good bet that its staged. He did hit his head pretty hard even if that was his plan, so he might have actually knocked himself out. *shrug*

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