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    1. Ohh really? you had to watch it more than once to realize the driver was on the wrong side of the car??? Fucking stupid faggot

  1. this video is inappropriate as the girl probably isn’t even of age. But her moms reaction was pretty funny. If mom reached over and slapped the shit out of the girl, i would have voted it a win.

    1. what 25 year old is wearing kitten costumes for Halloween and being chauffeured around by their mother? Lol. No one. Well IDK. She probably is a millennial

    2. Lol, exactly. She can’t get a job with her women’s history degree, so she’s living at home and mom pays for everything.

  2. Dumbasses, it’s in the U.S. The video is mirror-imaged. Unless you think they drive on the wrong side of the road AND write “McDonald’s” backwards on their restaurants.

    1. What is cutest about her??? Her gummy smile? Or her catipiller eyebrows? This bitch probably grows a unibrow over night.

  3. I love how the mom is annoyed at her daughter blowing her own tail when she’s texting while driving while her daughter’s not wearing a seatbelt.

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