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  1. Well, at least you don’t have Justin ‘The Retard’ Trudeau running your country into the ground.
    If Trump wins, I might seek asylum in the US!!!

  2. What kind of morons don’t see that Trump is gonna fuck you too. He’s just gonna open up the trade borders so all your nice fancy jobs go to where ppl are willin to work for 30 cents an hour. He’ll send all the illegals and immigrants back but he’ll send your jobs there along with them lol good luck. And AngryCanadian, please leave our beautiful country, the name AngryCanadian is a oxymoron and you are not truly Canadian.

    1. He’s going to open up the trade borders, WHAT? And then…. WHAT? I see you can type so you should be able to read, and yet you smear these mental feces all over the comment thread. You should sue your parents and teachers for robbing you of an education.

    2. Fuck you anonymanus! AG is a true Canadian, your just another Liberat cocksucker, why don’t you and Turdeau and Dyke Wynne do a suicide pact and clean up the country!

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