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  1. the US is the only country where there is a significant white population who have really small dicks and who need to prove themselves by doing shit like this.

    1. Well yeah! Nodoby ever pretended to be in the Canadian Military. That would be like pretending to be Robin instead of Batman.

  2. This photo reminds me of the liberal Nazi, anti-Trump dwarf skulls that come on this site to complain, only it’s their entire lives that are symbolically photoshopped.

    1. Oh man, you’re in for a lot of butthurt in the next 2 months before becoming anally ravaged when the duck will present its official cabinet.
      BTW, that’s not Photoshopped, that’s Painted.

    2. Right, because liberals love to pretend they are in the military.

      It actually reminds me more of the dickless imbecile Trump who went to a military themed boarding school six decades and and now thinks that he is a super soldier who is better trained than actual rank and file soldiers, and knows more than Generals with decades of real world experience.

  3. … Kid, if you want to be in the army so bad, just go sign up. Any loser can enlist. Just walk right into your local recruiter’s office, say “I’m a loser! I want to enlist!” They will sign you right on up.

  4. I can’t take it the first guy on the right deserves a fucking doughnut while the rest run laps. The ladies in my unit would have stomped him to dirt.

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