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    1. Even on the net you’re a coward. Too afraid to even type the word out properly. You inbred, three toe uneducated cunt. At least on the plus side introducing friends to your mother and sister is quick, you just have to point to one person.

    2. Well dumbass, you can’t type n!ggers out normally as it will not appear on this site. That seems to be the taboo word of the past century.
      Judging by your comment, I am to assume you are one of the said n!ggers. And on that note, enjoy some colorful jokes.

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      Branch manager.

      Why do n!ggers cry during sex?
      The Mace.

      How do you get a n!gger out of a tree?
      Cut the rope.

      What would you call the Flintstones if they were black?

      How do you babysit a niglet?
      Wet his lips and stick him to the wall.
      How do you get him down?
      Teach him to say “Motherfucker.”

    3. Thats good at least I can still call you a stupid Cunt.

      How do you confuse a RedNeck.
      Show him 3 shovels and ask him to take his pick.

      What do you do if a red neck throws a pin at you. Run like crap because he still has the grenade

      Did you hear about the red neck that damaged his health drinking milk – The cow fell on him

      How many red necks does it take to screw in a light bulb.
      2 thousand. 1 to hold the light bulb and the other 1999 to turn the house.

      Now a few for your bigot views
      A fat racist and a skinny racist jump off a cliff. Who wins? Society

      Why is a racist like a dog? Both mark their territory with shit

      Have you heard the one about the racist who choked on Yogurt? He found out there was a foreign culture in it

      How many racists does it take to change a light bulb? None, racists hate being enlightened.

    1. You do realize that atheism is by far the most cult like and extreme of all western religions, right? Just sayin.

    2. Atheists are sad and lost. Little do they know the Bible is all metaphors and talks about science and evolution, they just can’t understand anything deeper than small talk.

  1. how did you come to the conclusion that I am an atheist? the only thing I trust in to provide me food and shelter is nature and my own two hands. everything else is bullshit.

    1. “I don’t know how you think I’m atheist when I don’t believe in a god.” lol sign of a true atheist

    2. Call me whatever you want, I don’t care.

      Religitards are weak-minded and too lazy to attain real knowledge.

      It’s a fact.

    3. Ralf you are the small minded one. Check out John Polkinghorne theoretical physicist and Anglican Priest. He is just one example. Educate yourself before you label an entire group.

    4. so non-religious people are small minded huh?

      how many people did we throw into the fire because they were “witches”? how many child marriages happen in our midst? how many beheadings?

      thought so…

    5. No, you are small-minded because you don’t even know that atheist means non-religious. Which are you, a child or a retard?

    6. so the fact that you still can’t prove the existence of your imaginary faggot after 2000 years makes me small minded?

      lol, idiot

    7. God is the personification of the human subconscious. Only idiot atheists think that Christians think He’s a physical person living in the sky. Christians won’t tell you that though because they expect you to figure it out yourself and generally don’t need to explain the meaning of faith to someone who thinks it means believing in nothing when in fact it is believing in good.

    8. if you god is just the personification of man’s subconscious, then he is in fact imaginary because he has no real manifestation whatsoever.

      are you people really this stupid???

    9. besides, faith and religion are entirely separate entities. faith can exist without religion, but not vice versa. stop mixing the two in hopes of fooling people into believing your BS.

    10. believing in something which you have never seen before when there exists proven evidence that what you are saying is wrong is just idiocy.

      having the courage to research stuff is having an open mind. if you can prove the existence of god, whatever his form may be, then I will believe you. until then, fuck off.

      singning off, talking to religitards gives me headaches.

    11. “if you(r) god is just the personification of man’s subconscious, then he is in fact imaginary because he has no real manifestation whatsoever.” so you’re saying that the human subconscious is a made-up thing? do you think that imagination and subconscious are the same thing? because in fact imagination resides in the conscious. Please use your “open-mind” to research what the human subconscious is. Hint: it’s the thing that makes you unintentionally self-destruct if you’re a bad person; it’s the thing that gives you nightmares if you’re a bad person. It can be God or the Devil, you get to choose by your actions in life. Heaven/Hell is living in your unconscious, controlled by the subconscious. learn some philosophy fool.

    12. Anyone who says “I need physical proof because my brain doesnt have the capacity to undertand” lives a sad, lonely life

    13. your made up word “religitard” means “slow to religion”. this definition seems more fitting to the likes of you.

    14. Evil wins when it convinces good that killing evil is evil. Wrap your tiny mind around that. The act of killing in itself is not evil. The original commandments say not to kill ones neighbour. in biblical times your neighbour was a part of your community and someone you could trust. now it literally means, the people who live near you. killing a stranger that poses a threat to your life and freedom is not evil.

    15. The commandment is “Thou shalt not kill”. It says nothing about your neighbor. As someone who spent most of their life in a Christian community, most Christians very much believe in a physical god. That’s the whole point of the resurrection story. If you say it’s all metaphor and that the Christian god is an embodiment of the “human subconscious” (sic), then you have invented your own version of that god in order to rationalize your religion. You’d have a better time in an eastern religion, i.e. Buddhism. Feel free to convince a Baptist minister otherwise.

    16. All the bullshit you just spewed is why atheists think you’re retarded. When I say original I mean in Hebrew, not English. The Bible is not meant to be read by idiots, but taught by the wise. If you think god is a physical being you are definitely retarded.

    17. Most Christians (like yourself) don’t know what a metaphor or an archetype is, clearly. The Church is a different story, they are pedophiles who feed off greed and self-loathing. Good luck with your blind following of a cult.

    18. lol “invented my own version of god” lol because you know so much about it when you say He lives in a cloud.

    19. truth, don’t even bother. you will have more luck teaching your dog to fly a jet fighter while learning japanese than to convince a religitard of their BS fairy tales.

    20. “The Church is a different story,…”

      this is exactly what I am talking about, these religitards twist their words when they have clearly been beaten.

      oh and don’t even bother replying Anon, I won’t read your replies anymore. gotta watch out for my mental health.

    1. To idiots who want to be governed lol to free people, it’s about humbleness, community, and faith in good.

  2. Anyone who says “I need physical proof because my brain doesnt have the capacity to undertand” lives a sad, lonely life

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