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    1. “Quite a good skate spot”? Um, yeah, thanks I guess. But we have jobs. We’ll just keep that in mind as we conjure an image of you as the quintessential useless loser with no future and no hope in life.

  1. This is Chloe Bruce, and the video is actually over 6 years old – so there were still some phone books at the time.

    Check her (and her sister, Grace) out on YouTube. You wouldn’t get in a fight with her.

    1. Of for fuck’s sake! Do people who believe in “magic” martial arts still exist at this day and age? Good for fitness, flexibility and agility? Yes. Good for combat? What she does is to “wouldn’t get in a fight with her” is what the vibrating belt is to weight loss. You could get better combat martial arts training from REM sleep. A 2-week MMA student who can’t touch her toes would knock this chick into the next dimension. She is hot though. Fun to watch a fake martial arts martial artist chick bend and stretch. It’s like a rated PG lapdance.

    2. And there speaks someone who has no idea what they are talking about. Just to list a few of Chloe’s experience:

      Tang Soo Do & Xtreme Martial arts

      Black Belt 4th Dan in Tang Soo Do

      Qualified Martial Arts Instructor

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