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    1. “Your mama shoulda swallowed you!” Classic line right there.
      “I’m a real nigga!”
      “I’m spendin’ money, you gonna give me what I asked for! I’m special to you!”

  1. I commend the sandwich artist that continued to run his mouth. I would have done the same. My favorite part was as she is recording on her phone she demands “someone let me borrow their phone so I can call my husband”. Lol. Everyone knows damn well that asphalt ape doesn’t have a man locked down. It’s common knowledge that 70+% of nigglets born are born out of wedlock. BTWv great exampe you are setting there for your hood rat kids… Excuse me, grandkids. It’s one thing if you want to raise your kids to be ignorant screwballs. But it’s really messed up to be acting like that in front of other people’s kids.

    1. ..and the average time preference for that same group is through the roof – and so is their propensity to violence.

  2. That’s some ghetto a$$ lip service. Everyone just witnessed why Trump was voted in office. She better savor that subway because her food stamp havin, welfare, Obama high on tax payer money status is about to end.

  3. Black woman screaming profanities, Black worker talking like a pussy under his breathe profanities back. All the while Black people with children in line just watching it happen and not taking their children away from these people leaving them in harms away way. Black people….

  4. Good god man, what a “society”! What a “people”! These are the lives that are supposed to matter? I think the status of a single lonely dandelion somewhere in the foothills of Peru matters more. The whole scene is one giant advertisement for why Trump won.

    1. And yet they have the right to shove their agenda down our throats and “protest” when they don’t get their way… But if you’re white, you better keep your mouth shut regardless of what you have to say and are not allowed to be proud of your roots what so ever (can you say oppression?)

  5. Don’t know why she’s so uppity against the black kid with a JOB at Subway. My guess is none of the ghetto sperm donors for her four chill-un have jobs.

  6. This is why I believe black people have something seriously wrong with the wiring in their brains… classic American black person, entitled because their ancestors may have went through something over 200 years ago, yet doesn’t actually effect them directly (but disregard all other heritages and religions around the world (and in America) who have been enslaved/persecuted), yet are somehow “victims” of the white man, which is why they act like they have no control over themselves.

    African Americans = Americas whiniest, most self-entitled, least self-controlled, ignorant and belligerent race who believe that in a democracy the minority is supposed to have all the say. #BlackCriesMatter

    1. I love how people make it about race when every race has degenerate losers who think they’re entitled to something. How about we start ranting about stupid people in general instead of “some other kind of stupid people”.

  7. At least he has a job. That was not nice to say “that why you work at subway” who knows what anyone is going through, might as well be a stepping stone from subway to greatness. I respect anyone who works.

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