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  1. What a dumbass.
    Should have set the parking brake harder and kept the wheels straight.
    I love the hopeless look of this stupid fuck as the shitbox rolls down the hill.

    1. “I love the hopeless look of this stupid fuck as the shitbox rolls down the hill” Although you don’t directly refer to his face but said statement could be construed as a referral to facial expression “..hopeless look..” In saying that it could also apply to his frantic chase after the car. See even though your a racist fuckwit you can make relevant comments from time to time

  2. Every time I park, I put the car in gear (manual), set the brake (make sure I pull it hard), and turn my wheels while thinking about where I would most want my car to roll if it somehow rolled. Every once in a while I forget one of those thing. This guy did all of them wrong. He’s lucky all that happened was he lost his car.

    1. The car clearly starts driving on its own and the computer could have disengaged the parking brake; it doesn’t just start rolling. If it’s a self-driving (or self-parking) car, it’s probably automatic. You’re dumb and fuck AI.

    2. It might be one of those manual transmission cars that engage the brake for a few seconds when you stop facing uphill, so you don’t burn up your clutch if you’re not very good at handling it. That’s what it looks like happened.

    3. It is a Vauxhall with electronic parking brake. He most likely pressed the button and the cars computer computer bugged out and disengaged. AI is for idiots.

  3. Moron. When you park you take keys out of ignition. Even if you apply parking break can you imagine conversation with insurance when someone jumps in and drives off.

    1. Not everyone lives in the ‘hood where people will steal your ride if you leave it for 30 seconds.

    2. True, but don’t need to leave in the Hood for some to take suck an opportunity. I live in Dublin, Ireland. No where near the hood but you would be out of your mind to leave your car running on the road and enter a shop anywhere in the city. Just common sense. 1)Park Brake, 2)Turn vehicle off. 3)take keys with you 4)lock car. All of 5secs and you prevent a lot of shit.

    3. All right, going out on a limb here, since this is a post from two years ago. But, since you’re from Dublin, I’m going to take advantage of a potential opportunity for a local opinion… I’m an American travelling to Dublin, for the first time, in a few months. Any input on what is truly worth visiting/seeing that isn’t a total tourist trap?

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