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  1. If you are a white guy with a comb-over, white socks and fanny pack, you’ll get to enjoy this in Heaven. If you are a black hip-hopper and you go to Hell, you’ll have to watch the same video forever. Either way, it works!

  2. I survived to the end of that train wreck, but couldnt help but feel a countryified version would be even more cringe worthy…

  3. I watched the whole thing. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I liked it…. But have you seen videos on YouTube or MTV the last few years??? this is better than anything I’ve seen since the early 2000s

  4. Actually I thought it was quite cute in a dopey way, just way too long. They genuinely enjoyed making it and aren’t afraid to have a laugh at themselves…what’s wrong with that? Rather be them than a bunch of cunts at home on the Internet whining about everyone else but not having the balls to do something similar out of fear “people will laugh at me”. Fuck it, you only live once.

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