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    1. almost as hilarious as liberal assumptions…like “hillary will win the election in a landslide”

    2. is that really your only argument? you do realize that you don’t necessarily have to choose between trump or hillary right?

      no wonder you only go in cirlces while alternating between red and blue. stupid americans…

    3. Why don’t you tell everyone what shit hole country you are from ralf, and why you are sooo interested in American politics?

      Furthermore, I never said there were only two choices. Another “hilarious” assumption by an idiot.

    4. why are you so interested where I live? lol, creepy fucker.

      all that matters is that you’re an american and thus an idiotic tool and the laughing stock of the rest of the developed world.

    5. I’m interested in where you live because I’m 100% sure it’s worse than the US. Every troll online who loves to talk trash about America lives in a shitty country that they are too embarrassed to admit.

      So all that matters is that nothing you say matters.

    1. You know there’s no difference between Hillary and Trump voters right? Hillary and Trump are best friends and have fucked America harder than this douche fucked that turkey.

  1. Imagine what he thought right before he fucked the turkey .. he probably said .. ” you know .. that fuckin turkey is way hotter than my ugly ass wife .. fuck it turkey — you had it coming you mother fucker .. teasing me in that nice bronze skin .. all in that oven with yo turkey ass pressed on that oven window.. ” so he pulled that muthah fuckah out the oven and commenced to fuckin .. then the ugly wife look up from doin crack and yelled out .. ” stop .. stop fuckin the turkey yew dumm sombitchh ..” with that stupid redneck trailer park accent ..

  2. American Pie becomes American Thanksgiving.

    But seriously, I think she stabbed him out of disgust that he ruined the turkey. And he actually deserved it.

    On another note, after a Pygmalion makeover, she might be satisfactory.

    1. Stebburn claims we have al F#@#$d a turkey?

      Perhaps I am in the wrong website. I must be in the front row.

  3. They left out the part saying: “While she was trying to prepare it. In front of her family. Her 90-year-old grandmother suffered a major heart attack.”

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