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  1. Not going to be the idiot that makes assumptions on what happened, beings that the video keeps cutting and doesn’t show the whole story or why the minivan flipped him off in the first place, leading to a bottle being thrown at him. Its possible he deserved the bottle thrown at him, we don’t know, but I do know most micropenis compensating crotch rocket riders love to disobey laws, cut cars off, speed,weave between cars, and then complain that everyone else should ‘look twice’ for a choice they made after they get hit because of how they drive.

  2. it was justified on a karma level, but it was still illegal. the van could have crashed from what the biker did. worse even if there was a kid in the van.

    1. And the biker could’ve crashes for what the van did. Which would have ended WAY worse than if the van had crashed.
      If it were me on the bike and someone threw something at me that was undeserved, I would’ve drug those two idiots out and beaten them both.

    2. are you gonna drug them while they’re driving or are you gonna ask them to politely stop so you can mix whatever they’re drinking with drugs? because if you plan on doing the former, then somebody should beat you too for endangering even more lives by drugging two motorists.

    3. @anonymous and what if the guys in the van are stronger and tougher then you? Or are you so bad ass you can beat any two people you choose 2 regardless of how strong tough they might be. I love when people say shit like “if someone done that to me I’d beat their ass” like they just automatically assume they can beat up anyone who does wrong to them.

  3. Honestly, fuck minivan drivers. They are the biggest assholes on the road 9/10. Idk what the hell it is. Maybe compensating for driving a gay ass van. So by default I side with the biker because of my vendetta against minivan drivers.

    Also why are they called minivans? why not just vans? or fucks?

    Just curious.

    1. I don’t get all the hating on minivan drivers. In my experience, the real a-holes on the road are the micro dick pickup truck guys. You know the ones I mean, the dudes with the black trucks (everything must be black) jacked up a mile, ridng your bumper in a moronic attempt at intimidation. They are the ones who are always looking for a way to be jerks in traffic. I’m just trying to get stuff done and I have to share the road with these clowns.

    2. Yes, pickup truck drivers (especially the lifted ones) are the new bmw/porsche drivers. I swear these men are over compensating for their small pricks.

  4. Good on the biker. Yes we don’t know what happened before, but the minute you lob a can at a motorcyclist, expect shit back. Some fatass in a MPV, thinks they can throw shit at a bike, they got their window smased for their troubles.

  5. The van driver was in the wrong for throwing bottle, that would have been enough for the cops to have charged him.

    The rock was unnecessary and turned HIM into the Asshole and he Should be charged with reckless driving and damage to property.

    If you get into a road incident, just let it go. its not worth it.

  6. My brother drives a minivan to drive his family around. He sometimes drives excessively.

    Did the biker consider that there may have been children in the backseat? That’s usually why a middle age man drives a minivan, he has kids with him.

    As for the biker, not only did he record himself committing a 1st class felony, he also recorded himself violating several traffic laws, such as excessive speeding (60-90 mph in a 50 mph?)

    1. Maybe your brother shouldn’t be driving “excessively” and inciting road rage with his family in the minivan?

  7. They are both in the wrong. Come on, what’s wrong with these people, throwing stuff around ?! How stupid are they ?! They are both asshole and NOTHING can justify this shit.

  8. Man you just don’t throw shit at people in traffic. The dick in the minivan shouldn’t have thrown the bottle and the dick biker shouldn’t have thrown the rock! What a sausage fest!

  9. Ah the beauty of uncontextualized video editing… the biker was probably a cunt before the video starts rolling and he is a cunt for throwing the stone. The driver was a cunt for throwing a bottle. So. Many. Cunts.

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