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    1. @ralf sucks dicks

      In the UK we don’t serve food on PRISON dishes ie: conditioning youngsters for their future inside

      ( we use real plates and cutlery )

    2. well unless there’s a country named “middle school” then you haven’t really answered my question since I asked what COUNTRY this was in.

      but I guess your education is just as bad as your school food lol.

    3. ralf’s question was “what country?”. He then said he “knows where this is”, to which ralf sucks dick replied “Your middle school”, meaning whatever country ralf went to middle school in. A 5 year old could have figured out that he answered ralf’s question. So in conclusion, ralf is still fucking retarded. Also,


      1. feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone).

      1. intense or passionate dislike.
      “feelings of hate and revenge”

      -Anon who had to define atheism and hate for him

    4. nope, my question was which country.

      his answer was my middle school.

      it didn’t mean anything except “I (ralf sucks dicks) am an idiot who doesn’t know the difference between a school and a country.

      there’s no denying it. you guys are complete retards and thus, the laughing stock of the rest of the educated world.

    5. Can you not read? His answer to “which country” was “UK.”

      The only person here who is a laughingstock is you. You don’t know the definition of simple words and spend all day trash talking the US. You are clearly insecure and embarrassed of your own country.

    1. Your ignorant opinion doesn’t mean anything…you live in a shit hole and you lack basic reading comprehension.

    2. whatever helps your butthurt…now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go enjoy $2/gal gas and 2000 miles of open road. 🙂

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