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    1. He can’t count. He thought his team was ahead after they hit the three point shot but the other came back and scored 2 putting them ahead one point. Nignog still thoguht they were winning so he held onto the ball thinking his team was in the lead. Guess who is getting cut from the team…

    2. IB22, please take your whiny hefty-lefty pinko sob story back to your mother’s basement and jab it as far up your lily-livered pansy ass as it will go, or until you hit pay dirt, otherwise known as n!gger clay from which jigaboos are molded from.

    3. Oh my goodness, what a bunch of inbred trailer there is here today, whats the deal did you guys run out of meth? Your moms gone out and you cant blow yourselves?

  1. What’s funny is if his team were ahead with seconds left, he would have been fouled instantly. The idea is the white team fouls him, hopes he misses both free throws, the white team gets the ball and makes a desperation shot. As long as the odds are that will happen, it’s better than just standing there when the black team (ahead) has the ball and runs out the clock.

    So the failer here should have noticed the white team players were standing a little back from him, arms up, ready to try to block the desperation shot they expected him to make as the clock ran out, instead of fouling him. That didn’t clue him in. What did he think they were thinking? “Ah, we made one last layup to get within a point, so we’re good. We’ll let you run out the clock, and won’t try to win. Good game.”

  2. I love the body language of the teammate of his he tries to high-five just after flinging the ball up in the air instead of taking a shot.

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