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    1. Your mammy’s a brainless bitch for leaving you still breathing after pinching you off in the toilet all those years ago. Suck my Trump voting schlong and get used to it libby-puff. He’s YOUR president now! Learn to love it or move to Canada you gutless, spineless jelly. If not, we WILL remove your kind over the next 4 years. Better believe it!

    2. And just to clarify what I mean, I mean we WILL remove you–better believe it–because I’ll be sucking your libtard dick so much you won’t be able to take it anymore. It’ll be tremendous. So much dick sucking. I’ll be gagging, choking, sucking the shit out of that libtard cock, libby-puff. You’ll be sick of it. It’ll be tremendous.

      And if you’re not, I’ll clarify what my name means. FuckThaWat? FuckMaAss. That’s right. Fuck my ass you libtard. But it’s not gay because I’m straight, I just love being a cock puppet. Yeah, you’ll be running for Canada. Give us back our jerbs!

    3. Pu your pants back on dude. Your brains are showing through that rusty canister you refer to as your head. Btw, copying someone else’s nick name is the brainchild of a degenerate moron and frankly speaking, totally unfunny and outdated, i.e., your libtardation is also showing. Does it even concern you that the avatar assigned to the left of each name is unique to every user’s email address? I suppose it only fools other fools. But that’s liberalism for ya!

    4. What are you, tweleve, FukThaWank? You are the reason the rest of the entire world hates americans. The stereotype ‘ignorant american’ doesn’t come from no-where and you are the perfect living breathing example of one.

    5. Trump’s not brainless. He’s just smart enough to fool all those country yokels to vote for him. HE DUNN GONNA GET ER DONE.

    1. while I hate most americans, golden ralf is an impostor. don’t mind it though, I like the attention. 🙂

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