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  1. Wow what a fucking retard! Lets not slow down as a car with beams hanging off it is trying to turn… Slow the fuck down next time

    1. You are either a pubescent teen too young to actually have a license, or you are narcissistic manchild still living in your mama’s basement.

      In either case, the correct human response is to have some sympathy for a victim of an unintended accident. At least for the decapitated passenger in the front passenger seat.

    1. No asshole, that’s why your country sucks. You see, in America, when hauling anything hanging out of your cargo area any longer than a foot, you have to tie a red flag on the end, so another driver can see where the end of it is.
      In this case, the stupid european fuck that’s driving the truck, likely just killed someone because of THEIR stupidity.

  2. How many traffic violations did this flatbed driver violate? First, it appears he did not use his turn signal.

    Second,I’m not a licensed HSE engineer, but that beam should have been tightly fastened to the bed and indicators, like a flag, should have been on the end of it so other drivers could see it.
    Third, if it exceeded a certain limit which it appeared to do for American standards, a larger flatbed should have been used to haul it, or at the very least another vehicle should have been used to follow behind the truck with hazards on (we have all seen that on oversized loads in America).

    So there are at least three major transport regulations violated here.

    As for the accident itself, it is entirely possible the drive could not see the beam extending beyond the flatbed or gauge it’s length. So when the truck turned, the driver realized too late the beam would be in his lane.

    1. @ralf… we know that in your glorious country, Kazakhstan, where your sister is #1 prostitute, and you fuck your own mother while your daddy is sniffing your ass you may actually qualify as a genius. However, by the standards of the rest of the world, you are just fucking retarded. But that’s fine, because neither does your glorious country, nor do you matter at all.

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