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  1. This is Hookeraine – a pseudo country stocked to the gills with Neo Nazis and the world’s dumbest forms of life – the Hookerainians themselves. Most likely that “soldier” (yeah sure, “soldier”) was stone drunk by 9:00 a.m.

  2. Part of me says “fuck off” to anyone who posts videos of soldiers stumbling while doing shit that the prissy video-watchers mocking them would never dare do, and that is put on a uniform, bleed and get bruises and sometimes broken bones from training, run 20 miles with 80 lbs. on your back, bash your head jumping out of airplanes with parachutes that barely slow down your fall, negotiate obstacles with 50 lbs. of gear on, destroy your spine riding in military vehicles for 15 hours a day, go to a country where everyone there would love to kill you, seeing friends get killed, and dealing with the psychological stress of having to make life-and-death decisions daily, and especially having to live with your fuck-ups.

    But the other part of me says, whatever, it’s just a another video.

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