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  1. PRO TIP: photoshop a banal comment in front of a supermarket product that some people probably don’t like and cal it an epic fail! You too can achieve internet exposure epic fail is as crap and pointless as this one.

  2. “Different people may perceive the taste of coriander leaves differently. Those who enjoy it say it has a refreshing, lemony or lime-like flavor, while those who dislike it have a strong aversion to its taste and smell, characterizing it as soapy or rotten” — wiki

    1. it could be sold in the US like those “make america great again” hats which are manufactured in china lol

  3. Any of you idiots who agree with this photo but eat salsa are… idiots. BTW, the leaf of the coriander plant is called “cilantro”, and it’s in most salsa recipes.

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