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    1. Also, I just want to clarify I don’t mean that in a bad way. I love cults. Particularly cults that involve me chugging dick. I love dick, did I ever share that with you?

      I can’t deny it, I love dick and reject–no, hate–vagina. I hate vagina. I also hate any form of intellectual inquiry. The Constitution? I’m sure I’ll tell you I’m a pro, but you libby puffs won’t get it. You don’t understand the law or the constitution.

      Also, no one can ever troll me. Like, I can’t have someone make fun of me and say I’ll use the term “libtard” and–lo, and behold, praise the gods of surprise–I use the term “libtard” because my idiocy is that predictable. (Please see my prior posts.)

      Nah, I am bet . . . what, that all happened? I guess I am gay. I guess I do love dick. But I hate myself so I’m super anti-everything intellectual. *sad face*

    2. I own the prior post. I just fucked up the spelling of “fuk” for my name and added a proper “c” because I didn’t know how to spell “fuck.” The man fucking my face clarified it. Thank you.

    1. the cool part isn’t what the picture is of but of how well it is done. the guy cutting the hair has some pretty good tallent

    2. Without belief in a higher being than ourselves, how do you explain the existence of matter? Atheism may not be a cult, but it definitely is pathetically short-sighted in that ignoring the hard questions and simple truths isc required for it to exist.

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