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  1. What a retard. I laugh at how easy it is for Americans to pass their driving test and most of you drive automatics like pansies.

    1. Once again another pussy that wont tell us what Country he lives in so nobody can make a comment his way. Stay in your safe space Fozik, bitch.

    2. Considering a call you pansies which is obviously a British insult. My dads from San Diego but I was raised in the UK and trust me the UK is 10 times harder to get a driving license. So you drive your automatic and you stay in your safe space.

    3. Uhh ok…pansy isn’t a British insult. And it’s a lot harder to get a license now than it was decades ago. So you can’t compare your experience to your dad’s. Neither of which has any bearing on the driving ability of old ladies.

      We drive automatics because we can…gas is cheap and nobody cares about saving a few MPG.

    4. Automatics don’t even have an MPG penalty any more, in fact some models show *better* MPG with an automatic than manual.

    5. Explain how doing less work is stupid. Lazy, sure. But so are power windows, power locks, power steering, and power brakes…

    6. Fozik wins! Lol this kid obviously knows nothing about how hard or easy it is to get a license in the US or the UK. The whole Manual vs Automatic transmission argument is childish. My Suv doesn’t need to be a Manual. My Sports car I would prefer I n Manual however.

    1. Straight ahead another half mile, just at the bottom of that cliff, you will fall right in the place, good luck ! 🙂

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