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    1. Man u russians never give up. Already trying to influence the next election. What flavor is Putin’s cock? I always thought fish and disappointment.

    2. Russia? Putin’s cock? Influencing elections? Is it really that easy to convince the retarded, – just put it on CNN and yippee, another “informed” citizen. Christ you make bell peppers look like Michio Kaku. Congratulations, you just posted the stupidest comment of the year, and right in the nick of time before the new year. I’ll bet you can even count to potato. Fucking idiot! By the way, just for shits and giggles, everything the news tells you about Russia and Putin is a complete lie and if you took everything they said and flipped it, THAT would be the truth. I have friends who live in Russia. They laugh at morons like for being the stereotypes of “dumb Americans”, so speak for yourself. You’re the exception, just like your conception.

    3. Ohnoo is one of the genius liberals that cry nightly because cuntbag lost.
      I’m American, by the way, you douche canoe.

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