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  1. Poor guy, he didn’t deserve to get slapped, he did nothing wrong. That could leave permanent damage and cause PTSD. The guy who slapped him should be thrown in prison!!

  2. This is Spanish, not French. He called him “cara anchoa”, meaning “anchovy face”, because he is a pizza deliverer or something. He edited the audio in the part that you can see in the video, and covers the insult with an apology, that’s why the man gets mad and slaps him.

  3. Hopefully laughed out of court. Cunt wanted this kind of reaction. They should use the video as a lesson to dumbshits who want to go around “pranking” general public. Plus it wasn’t even funny, just sound like a dick trying to be smart.

  4. Boy/Baby complaint vid is heavily edited. Original has him asking for directions and trying to be a smart ass and putting insult “Anchovy Face” in when saying thank you. Man gets pissed and says would kick as only he is working. Boy/baby then says sorry and explains it only a joke. Man begins to walk off still pissed but accepting explaination when Boy/Baby slips in another Achovie face so gets slap as his reward for being a smart ass.

  5. That’s what all pranksters should get. Making money on pissing off people and after saying oh it’s a prank. Well, oh that’s a slap and you deserve it

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