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  1. So, why would a woman want to have a butt sticks out? If you were flat-bottomed, maybe, but I bet she’s proportioned just fine without that shit.

  2. Never understood the lardass fetish, maybe it’s because they resemble the proportions of a gorilla more. Blacks are just overall worthless, they were put here to show normal humans what not to be.

    1. I think what he’s saying is he prefers his women to look like attractive human women and not some knuckle scraper from the jungles of Africa.

    2. Anonymous, I see you prefer to remain “anonymous” by replicating your attacks under the same roof, in the same clothes, wearing the same gloves, carrying and using the same weapon, and driving off with the exact same license plate on your mom’s stolen car.

      Like every dumb n!gger, you can’t seem to evolve. Maybe Somalia or Syria were the best option for you, huh? After all, there you could dance around a fire and if rain came you were considered a miracle worker. Here, you’re just another cupcake with a hunger for civilized society that will never accept you.

    3. White skinny women with well formed asses mean that they are fit, unlike the crackhead rednecks with fetal alcohol syndrome that you ignorant fucks like.

    4. You are not anon and are one of those fags using the moniker to act cool. Dumb nogs like you give legion a bad name.

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