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  1. Bro, when he jumped over that rail with that music I think i collapsed a lung laughing from rewinding it so many times. That was some good shit

    1. )))))))) Dude…. you try SO – and I so mean SO hard – to try to…. I don’t even know what to call it… seem, um, smart? All this for a site called Epic Fail?

      Were I the admin of this site I would intermittently use your comments as my source for public laughter and finger pointing.

      Yo! Genius! Did it ever occur to you that your avatar remains the same no matter how many nicknames you choose? Try changing your email address now and again. We’re all just laughing at you more so than at the EF postings.

      Your “brain” FAILED (hahaha) to grasp the most basic of concepts, and yet you find the requisite time to post under your own posts.

      Christ waht a fucking LOSER you are! In my Jim Carrey voice: Le-Who-Zeh-Her! )))))))

    2. Bravo fucktard, that avatar means no email was typed in. BAHAHAHA we’re laughing at you now you uneducated bastard.

    3. Actually shit for brains ( i’m trying to sound smart like anonymous) that name only pops up when you don’t type in a name… The avatar is set yo your email. good try with your fail trolling.

    4. To be fair he isn’t black so he prob doesn’t have practice running from cops or obviously any athletic ability.

  2. ^^Anonymous…. you are clearly a fuckin liberal retard. You are a cancer. Yeah he just endangered however many peoples lives running from the cops for a fuckin bench warrant for an unpaid parking ticket. He is lucky all he got was a stomp to the throat.

    1. The cancer is oppressed brainwashed fools who want to be told what to do. Your founding fathers would be ashamed of you. Have fun with your voluntary slavery.

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