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    1. Yeah, that sure is a Trump kid, isn’t it? 🙂 🙂 🙂 No, Junior D, that’s all your kind but worse. That’s a nlgger sympathizer. Sad to see you try so hard only conjure “derp-da-derp”. Soon this foul shit will be a long forgotten memory, as will your gub’ment check.

    2. JD, The brat you’re talking about is actually that CUNT Hillary Clinton. She’s so fucked up she’s shitting herself.

    3. Trump and Hillary are best friends and fooled all you idiots good. You really think he’s gonna do anything he said he would? You all got fucked in the ass by the rich.

    4. fooook. I’m finding my self agreeing with the racist mook Slappy McSlapperton. Well not entirely. The Trump part yes. Doesn’t ring through with their demographic, she would have probably just shot her grandfather instead. Or took his hard line stance with problems and tweeted about it.

    5. Actually my last point kinda of proves it is a Trump supporter’s child. She’s pissed because she wont be able to tweet until the phone is fixed

    1. Not the grandpa, just the sugardaddy, he will fuck her latter from behind and do a donkey punch for this act, everybody happy

    1. “Spoiled” is a knuckle dragging humanoid that thinks its excuse for breathing air is its unjustified ability to type and/or speak. Since “she so spoiled”, “shes”, and the lowercase letter “I” in your “i saw” statement seem reasonable to you, you too are but one generation beyond African bush gatherer, and one thousand away from earning the right to analyze human beings as equals in any respect whatsoever.

    2. Easy on the commas there Slappy McSlapperton, I would like to use some too. Greedy self serving racist cunt!

    3. Sloppy. So you’re correctly my grammar? Because anything posted on here is important enough to go back and change?? Go die slappy

    4. lol @anonymous for thinking he/she/it is slick…. I wounder what my name will pop up as if I chose to not type one in…

    5. Actually Slappy mc Idiot, this avatar comes up when you leave the name and email blank.
      Get back to fucking your uncle and stop trying to look like you have an IQ above 3

    6. Slow down Boy!! You gonna mess around and make me cum too fast — if you do, I’ll scrunch up my butt cheeks and rip your dick off!!

  1. when I was that age, especially in public, I would have gotten my ass beat. Especially in public, and even in public so that everyone would know who was in charge. Little disrespectful BITCH! Who bought that fucking iPhone???

  2. Someone please slap the taste out of that little shits mouth. Oh, and take her iphone and smash it into a thousand pieces.

  3. If she’s that foul mouthed at this young of an age, just think what she will be like when she gets older. Reminds me of the daughter in law.

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