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  1. It’s the start of winter in the northern hemisphere and the start of summer in the southern hemisphere. The Chicago time is at the beginning of the day; the Antarctic time is at the end of the day. The single-digit Fahrenheit numbers are nothing more than a coincidence. When those locations experience a similar temperature at an analogous seasonal-date & time, call me: that’ll be news.

    1. oh and increased leaching of CO2 from the thawing permafrost leads to increased climate temperatures in both north and south latitudes

  2. It was a more fair comparison last week when Madison, Wisconsin was 10 degrees colder than Point Barrow, Alaska. But that was just from an arctic cold front…no “climate change.” Earth day was all about the man caused, coming Ice Age. Then it was man-made global warming, until the so called scientists were busted for falsifying numbers. Now we have “climate change…” Yeah, it’s all weather patterns, out of our control

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