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  1. Why is that screaming cunt even alive? fat, awful clothes, shite song, something to do with ‘anime’. what a waste of skin and floor space.

    1. man, that why i hate people like that. I love anime and i like to joke around and make references from it, but then those fucking weaboos just make the normal people who watch anime look bad.

  2. The millennial male ladies and gentlemen. The product of ongoing progressive, extremist liberalism. This is what will be tasked to raise the next generation of westerners. I hope Trump implements a kill on sight purge so we can filter this kind of genetic garbage from the human race and get back on track.

  3. What …..the……fuck….was that? Why was it dancing in a classroom. The kid sitting in the front never even moved the entire time. they must deal with this fat fucks BS every other day…. I feel so bad for the generation part thats normal having to go to school with these freaks.

  4. well that brightened up my morning. Not too sure what the fuck was going on or how he hurt himself but funny as fuck so all good

  5. that was the wierdest video i ever saw, i’m mindboggled, shocking. He dances like something from another planet and cries like a five year old when he hits his toe or whatever he did. Jesus christ what a total bitch.

  6. Wow, a product of pure PC culture. Bet his parents voted Hillary.
    This is what is born from a society that no longer is allowed to make fun of or ”shame” any kind of attribute. Nothing wrong with being another gender, nothing wrong with being fat, nothing wrong with being 16 and dancing like a peter puffer….. our current society and liberal PC attitude creates this shit.
    When I was in school if a guy even DREAMED of displaying this level of faggotry we would have clowned him for life.

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