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  1. Ah, excuse me, but Soviet Russia doesn’t exist anymore. It collapsed, along with Russian communism, in 1989. Now it’s the Russian Federation.

  2. I’d rather look at it another way. When people are so out of tune with nature, they fail to see obvious signs of danger. The bear was a juvenile, but still lethal. It looked to its handler like a cub to it’s mother, but could still defend itself with lethal force. Now, add to that an ignorant Russian woman who reached in to touch the bear, violating it’s “safe zone”. Perhaps she thought the bear was cute, but if so, she ignored the signs the bear was nervous, frightened around strange people, including strange men (men are actually dangerous). You cannot pet or soothe a wild animal out of it’s fear. You can’t even do that with domesticated animals.
    As for the Russian Federation, there were recent videos of Russians using large trucks to run over a sleepy bear who had emerged from hybernation. This has gone viral. As for the UK, there are no bears there anymore, except the gay kind.

  3. the bear just tried to push her away and accidentally got its claw caught on her camera strap, it was scared of the moron who thought she could sneak up and touch it. Poor animal, stupid human.

  4. First, a bear doesnt´t belong to a circus.
    Second, the lady made the mistake to disturb the bear when he got his treat.

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