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    1. A recent study proved the vast majority that use “your gay” and an insult are in the closet. Got one thing to say to you…. “Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy”.

    2. You mean only intelligent people own cats. Cats hate stupid people. So if you don’t like cats, chances are it’s because they don’t like you XD lolololol

    1. yes, guy deserves it, annoying little bitch. Though I would punt that cat across the room and against the wall. On related note, if this would’ve been a dog, it would have to be put down.

  1. He calls himself Raj, dave, Anonymous, and like 20 other names and goes as far as to even argue with himself and/or support his own comments with other comments from other aliases. This guy literally has to be the stupidest troll to ever post on Epic Fail. This moron is literally mentally ill. I can picture him in a wheelchair, drooling out of the side of his mouth with peanut butter bits stuck to his chin and cheeks as he incessantly types his comments ALL FUCKING DAY LONG! Lol. Christ what a loser!

    1. No such luck SuperUniqueQueer and all of the other names you use. I mean do you even get it? Do you understand that the symbol on every one of your posts is exactly the same despite the name? Are you that fucking dense? You’re as deep as a birdbath and as bright as fresh tar. Dogfart nailed it. He described you to a tee. Learn to troll, learn to read an write, or actually, just learn something anything! Troll humor only works if you’re somewhat intelligent, which eliminates you entirely.

    2. My names raj not Dave. The hell you on about you spac? Where’s all the anger from? Get out of your moms basement and take a breath

    3. He thinks that because you didnt enter an email (just like dave) that you are the same person because you have the “no email” avatar lol

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