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  1. I approve. Is part of the gif missing or am I just seeing things??? She clearly gets cracked with the pillow once and breaks the drywall with her thick skull. But while she is whining about the first blow, does she get hit again or is she reacting to something else? I respect the young mans decision to show mercy on the skank and whack her with a pillow and not his fist. Im sure she was being a stupid cunt and probably deserved much worse.

    1. “You’re”. Oh and “robo knob” is the the one out of the many aliases you should stick to. It fits you perfectly!

    2. @youblow knobo.. Funny thing is after this video that young buck probably still hit that shit later that night.

      Then we have you.. A piss poor pathetic excuse of a male. White knighting on a fail website hoping that no one notices you have sand in your vagina.

    1. it was probably a sobakowa pillow. They are by far the most comfortable pillows to sleep on. But they are pretty much like bricks when swinging them around and hitting someone with them.

  2. For you youths who might be oblivious to this aspect of being a man, a man avoids being a cuckold. And this would include avoiding exposing one’s mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, wife, etc. to the wantonness of strangers with nefarious intent. Posting a GIF of one’s sister in a revealing dress wherein strangers with nefarious intent may glare unceasingly at her private areas, would constitute cuckoldry.

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