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  1. Another good example of why you start with instruction, then a 22 after mastering the 22 you move upward. Went to the range during lunch, a young well endowed girl wearing a low cut top was there with her boyfriend. They put them in the lane next to me, they were shooting a 45. I had overheard her say she never shot a gun before, that was obvious by the way she was dressed. I kept watching ejected rounds to make sure they didn’t land down her top. After a few minutes I packed up and left. I told the owner of the range they need a dress code or a bib like Joe’s Crab shack. I like looking at hooters, but not at the range with hot casing flying.

    1. Or better yet… Focus on what you are doing and not some floozies boobs next to you. It’s obvious you’re a pathetic bitch that has never been laid in your life. Why would you care if casings go down her shirt. How dose that effect you? Youre at a range. Not a battlefield. Fag

    2. The ruthless liberal trolling of Mike’s neighborly concern for human well-being at a firearms range hints at the demise of Western civilization through self-annihilation. Or Gog Magog.

    1. Better if someone finally shot you so the unfunny, uninteresting and idiotic grade school millennial level humor from a hundred different versions of yourself would stop ruining this site.

    2. Right? At least if any of his comments were somehow funny and not totally pathetic. I don’t even understand the reason someone would clearly give himself a 100 different names when everyone sees he’s talking to himself and it’s literally stupid shit with zero humor. He’s not a troll, he’s a stump.

    3. You still don’t get the blank email address thing. What a couple of pathetic assholes. Perhaps you should hook up…

    4. You could try but i live in a country which understands that stupid cunts cant have guns so you have no hope in hell.

  2. you don’t have to be a expert marksmen to shoot up a school . Her training is almost complete – she looks ready

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