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  1. Yes I was there… good old fashioned knees up complete with tits out! No stabbings, shootings, race crime, hate crime…no sir, not a single Americunt in sight!

    1. There was also not a single stick of deodorant, no oral hygiene, no attractive women, no guts, no class, no one anyone on earth would ever care about. Clearly, it’s Great Britain. What a proud and glorious people. Ugly, toothless jerkoffs. Every single one! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. See the Yanks are putting in their usual comments about teeth and ugliness tropes of Brits.

      If Britain is so shit, why do you use their language and steal their culture? And ugly? have you seen how fat and toothless your women are? All loud mouthed obnoxious cunts.

      Before you mock the UK try looking how fucking worthless your shithole of a country is now.

    3. What is this strange concept of having ‘toothbrushes and toothpaste’ on a night out? Personally I brush my teet before I go out of the door. Must be a yank thing like meth mouth.

    4. Try brushing your teeth instead of your “teet”. Clean nipples are great but you shouldn’t neglect your testicle scrapers in the process.

    5. Aww, is little ralfy upset? lol

      Trust me, we have no desire to steal British culture. We stopped paying taxes to support a monarchy in the 1700s. And if you picked up a history book you might understand why we speak English.

    6. Gonna have to chime in here with one minor correction. The US, unfortunately, actually still very much does pay taxes to the Brits in the form of interest on the national debt to the Federal Reserve, which is part of the central banking network very much owned by folks like the Rothschilds who are knighted British royalty. In fact it’s the single largest sum total of tax payments made by the US government in any payoffs. We give them billions!

    7. I’m not upset lol

      Cletus, you gotta stop tripping man. I don’t give two shits about great britain and their queen hag. lol

      but still, americans take the retard cake in my book.

    8. Its been proved that people in the US have worse teeth than the UK on matched population amounts so let them talk about teeth, they cant pronounce the word as they are lacking them.

      P.S: HAHAHA have fun with Trump fuck faces!

    9. lol @ all the butthurt brits coming out of the woodwork. Your “royalty” sucks, your weather sucks, and your country sucks.

    10. Funny enough Ralf I agree!. I’m still glad I’m here an not in the states, its gets too confusing having a bother that’s also your dad and uncle at the same time…

    11. Oh my what have I started? Come on now the brits have decent teeth, they’re just not gullible enough to spend thousands of pounds having luminous porcelain glued into their gobs nor do they desire to spend most of there teen years smiling through a wire fence. Perhaps we should adopt the all gold look of those darky rapper chaps the Yanks are so fond of?

  2. Now British Choppers that’s just not cricket. The Brits are perfectly good at cleaning their teeth… they’re just less inclined to spend thousands of British pounds on luminous slabs of porcelain that gets glued into ones mush. Or indeed spending one’s entire teen years smiling through a wire fence. Perhaps you prefer the all gold look of those negroid rapper chaps that the USA is so fond of you daft Americunt.

    1. @George, you suck your father’s aids infested cock with that dirty mouth? Maybe that’s why your teeth look like puss covered turds.

    2. @Rotten Tooth – Maybe you could write you own insults you just sound like every other 11 year old yank on here.

    3. @rotten tooth – If daft Yanks put as much energy into being decent human beings as they do to have nice teeth they would be a great nation indeed. Instead all we get is silly schoolyard name calling and meaningless counter-arguments that make no point whatsoever.

  3. People from the UK having bad teeth is a miss conception. Statistically UK has the healthiest teeth of any nation. Result it.

    1. Indeed you are quite correct sir. The UK has a very good dental record. Although if you removed the statistics from the somewhat dirtier, smellier and all round unhygienic Scottish and Welsh then you’d see the English stats for dental hygiene are even greater!

    2. Also, who exactly is this “miss conception” you’re talking about? Were you referring to that shitty Yank movie of the same name, if so, what the hell has that got to do about teeth anyway?

  4. Ahhhh, the U.K. An antiquated shithole full of drunk soccer thugs who still worship “royalty”, while they watch the rest of the world advance. They love to put down everything American… even as they wear American clothing, listen to American music and worship American musicians, watch American movies and worship American performers, continue buying American products, and generally try to copy everything American. Even the “fine automobiles” they are so proud of aren’t British owned. A more useless and irrelevant nation has never existed.

    1. Swap every “British” with “American” and you have the exact same fact about America.

      Thanks for taking James Cordon off our hands BTW, only worthwhile thing you’ve ever done foe the UK.

    2. The fact that the UK imports such a lot of American crap is exactly our problem. Culturally we would definitely be better off without the shitty USA TV programmes (many of which are poor remakes of British TV). As for music you yanks have completely ruined your own rich music history of wonderful early blues, jazz, ragtime and country blues by over commercialising everything. Instead you now export the most awful pop idol shit, misogynistic rap crap, watered down rock wannabes etc. The US is over 40 times the size of Britain but we still produce far better TV, art and music than you daft egotistical Yankees.

    3. You still produce far better TV, art, and music that the United States? Yet you still can’t get enough of ours? Stop being silly. Clearly, you know nothing of which you speak. Your little empire died long ago. Bury it and let it rest in peace. Surely it’s hard to look yourself in the mirror and admit that the U.K. is as relevant as Haiti on the world stage, in all aspects. Yes, the United States is a byproduct of the U.K., and admitting that the student has become the master must be difficult. However, the sooner you face the facts, the better off we will all be.

  5. Stop arguing, English and American people. You’re both ugly as fuck, haha! France is a much nicer country, by far!

    1. France? Really? The country whose military would surrender to an ice cream truck? Another proud nation!

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