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    1. Not even for the USA but you dumb cunts are too easy to mess with. You know the whole world is laughing at you right? You really think a 1% business man famous for screwing people over is going to do right for the people…you really need to learn to think for yourselves. So so so Dumb, have fun for the next 4 years, x

    1. Holy shit Anonymous, you are sssssssuch a a fucking loser! Looking at your posts under all your various names today, you’ve been posting since 10:00 a.m. and all the way through almost 1:00 p.m. People kid around on this site saying to others “You’re a loser. Get a job” and etc., but you are the real deal! You literally sit here all fucking day and post comments. You literally live under the floorboards of the villa of Lowlifes.

    2. Correction – stop the press! Flipped to p.2 and there under comments for the MMA KO post, there you are again at 5:00 fucking a.m.!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Shit man! Wow. You’re not even a loser. You are the Cro-Magnon, cave dwelling, knuckle dragging ancestor of a loser. LOL for real! What a pathetic piece of lowlife shit you are! HAHAHAHAHA )))))))

    3. I’m such a fucking loser. I lisp when I talk in real life. You guys can’t see it here though.
      I don’t have an original thought of my own. I like black dicks. Have any of you fags seen my mom? She weighs 822 pounds. She taught me how to suck cock. My dad taught me how to jack 4 guys off at once. I can fit 17 cumshots in my mouth before I swallow. I’m a little teapot, short and stout. I can balance a baseball bat on the end of my 1 1/2″ erect penis. I can fit a bowling pin up my ass too.
      Nobody likes me, although I try really hard to impress people with all my mad skills.

  1. well she is obviously much to large to be on a table from the get go. Someone should have talked her drunk ass out of the whole stunt from the start.

  2. She can’t take her beer and the table can’t take her weight. They’re obviously both made in the USA, stupid Americunts.

    1. How did you steal my avatar? You must know my email address — here it is so that you can verify:

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