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    1. Why build out of anything else? The damage is just going to be fixed with insurance anyway. No sense in using more expensive materials.

    2. We use bricks. There is more chance of the driver doing damage to their self rather than the poor children playing in the house.

    3. you know why there’s millenia-old buildings still around?

      not because of plywood, that’s for sure. 😉

    1. That’s why I said more chance and didn’t say it would stop that car, maybe learn to read before mummy lets you loose on the internet Cletus.

    2. A flying brick is more likely to kill a kid than a piece of plywood. And there is 100% chance that car is going through a brick wall. The reasons houses are built with brick does not include “safer for our children if a car smashes into the house.”

      Maybe learn logic before you look like a fool on the internet “77”.

    3. don’t bother 77, I have tried it. believe me, you can’t level yourself down to the kind of stupid that is my main man Cletus. he doesn’t understand that bricks are far harder than plywood and might stop a car if the speed is low enough.

    4. Lol Anon I see what you mean!. We can all make up extremely specific scenarios to counteract logic hes not the first and wont be the last.

    5. Neither of you morons realize that the materials chosen to construct a house are not based on ability to withstand vehicle impacts. Both brick and plywood are poor at stopping vehicles, even at low speeds. Aged mortar is very weak. If you were actually concerned about stopping a vehicle, you would use steel-reinforced concrete.

      So no, you don’t “use bricks because there is more chance of the driver to damage to their self rather than the poor children.” You use them because they have better fire and wind protection, look nice, and they don’t require maintenance.

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